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Fancy some light travel luggage?

Every year you take too much with you? - So do it differently now!

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Finally a holiday - if it wasn't for the packing...

You are so looking forward to your holiday

But just packing your suitcase and taking it with you brings sweat to your brow. But you really need the time to relax!

Where is that light linen blouse again that would be great right now?

Great, a thousand clothes with you! But the blouse that would be so great with your jeans is hanging in the wardrobe at home.

And back again...

It’s a hell of a thing. You take almost half of the clothes back unworn. Next time, you write down what you really wore.

Use my years of knowledge as a stylist.
Pack smart, look stylish & travel light - Easy!


My simple tips for travelling light & in style - without a lot of luggage

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Eva Böllinghaus

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Together we will find exactly YOUR STYLE with the right colours, cuts and fabrics, in which you don’t feel dressed up, but 100% like yourself. And of course, we also make shopping as easy as possible for you.

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