Pattern guide: Find your perfect pattern

As an experienced stylist, I know how important it is to choose the right pattern for your wardrobe. Patterns can not only emphasise your personal style, but also boost your charisma and self-confidence. They also have the power to help mould your figure.Here’s a guide to show you which patterns are right for you:

Your Pattern Guide

1. Stripes

Stripes always convey a sporty statement.

– Horizontal: Ideal for petite figures as they can add volume. Perfect for a relaxed, casual look.

– Vertical: Visually stretches the body, ideal for smaller and curvier women who want a slimmer silhouette.

– Diagonal: Modern and dynamic, suitable for those who prefer a fresh and modern look.

2. Dots

Polkadots and dots exude a light, cheeky and feminine touch and appear classic to flirtatious.

– Small dots: Timeless and versatile, suit almost every figure and personality. Perfect for a playful but stylish look.

– Large dots: Eye-catching and bold, ideal for extroverted women who like to stand out and have fun with fashion.

3. Checked patterns

Checked patterns look classic or traditional to sporty and bold.

– Small checks: Perfect for a slim figure, add texture without being too bulky. Vichy checks are ideal for a classic, elegant look à la Brigitte Bardot.

– Large checks: For larger women or those with a sporty figure. Lends strength and self-confidence.

4. Floral patterns

Flower prints are ideal for women who want to show their romantic side.

– Small flowers: Delicate and feminine, perfect for romantic personalities and smaller women.

– Large flowers: For larger women or those who want to make a statement. Ideal for expressing self-confidence and joie de vivre.

5. Animal patterns

Animal prints look expressive and self-confident.

– Leopard: Wild and extravagant, ideal for bold women who like to be the centre of attention.

– Zebra: Edgy and modern, suitable for those who prefer an avant-garde style.

– Snake: Elegant and mysterious, perfect for self-confident women who want to emphasise their feminine side.

6. Geometric patterns

These patterns represent a modern, creative look.

– Clean lines and shapes: Modern and chic, suitable for women who prefer an urban and innovative style.

– Abstract patterns: Expressive and individual, ideal for those who like to show their unique personality through an artistic and creative look.

How do you choose the right pattern?

1. Know your figure: Pay attention to which patterns emphasise your strengths and show off your silhouette to advantage.

2. Think about the impression you want to make: Patterns can send different messages – from romantic and playful to strong and dominant.

3. Colour harmony: Make sure that the colours of the patterns harmonise to create a coherent overall look.

4. Less is more: Keep the rest of the outfit simple if you are wearing an eye-catching pattern to put the focus on the pattern. However, if you are the type of person who likes to stand out, combine different patterns. Here, opposites attract: large and small patterns create depth and interest.

5. Try out different things: Sometimes you don’t discover the perfect pattern until you’ve tried it on. Be open to new things and have fun! These tips will give you a good direction, but are no substitute for expert style consultation.

Do you want to know for sure what suits you best?

Choosing the right pattern can revolutionise your style and help you boost your confidence. Book your free, non-binding NOW-ME-Call with me to find out together which pattern suits you best and expresses your inner strength.