Me! by Eva Böllinghaus

Shop until you drop

Shopping is never a bad idea!​

Do you know this too?

The great time investment

You spend hours going from shop to shop or on the internet and feel totally exhausted afterwards.

The disillusionment afterwards

In the boutique and in your shopping high spirits, everything still looks great. At home, your shopping haul only looks half as great.

The guilty conscience

For a top piece that you’ve been wearing for years, the price would have been okay. Now you’re blaming yourself for spending too much money.

Transform stressful shopping behaviour into a "Mindful shopping with a good feeling & great results

Mindful shopping tips

My "shopping without regrets" tips


Eva Böllinghaus

I am a personal stylist and personal shopper. In my consultations I help my clients to show WHO THEY ARE through their clothes and to emphasise their personality in an advantageous way.

Together we find exactly YOUR STYLE with the right colours, cuts and fabrics, in which you don’t feel dressed up, but 100% like yourself. And of course, we also make shopping as easy as possible for you.

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