Business Outfit

Use the magic of the first impression ...

because there is no second chance for a first impression. Our counterpart decides within a few seconds whether he can trust and respect us.

In order to advance your business, it is important, in addition to your competence, how your company is perceived.

Within a few seconds, your customer decides – completely unconsciously – whether you are the right person for them.

In addition to your attitude, your clothing also plays a decisive role. Nothing gets closer to you than your clothes. They accompany you constantly and reflect your personality non-verbally through your appearance.

Reason enough to take a closer look.


My Offer for You

Business Outfit
  • Determination of your best colours for clothes & accessoires
  • Style Consultation for the best materials ans patterns
  • Consultation for your body type incl. practical implementation
  • Definition of your personal image and your business outfit
  • Matching accessoires like briefcase, writing tools, watch
  • Individual Pinterest Board for styling inspirations
  • Duration: appr. 6-8 hrs. in two appointments
  • BONUS. Follow-up conversation for a safe implentation

24/7 with you -Clothing completely underestimated

If the following thoughts sound familiar, it’s time to pay more attention to your old familiar thought patterns about your everyday companion, clothes.

woman leaning against door while holding her cheek

Well, who says that it’s not much easier with a little professional support and clothes that are perfect for you?

How do you know what inner kick really cool clothes can give you, you dear power woman? How great it can feel to make a clear statement when you haven’t really dared to do so yet?

A look that suits you 100%

How great could it possibly be if

Are you ready to bring a breath of fresh air into your style?

Then use your personal online style appointment right away.

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