Men’s Style Check Business

Men's Style Check Business

In this style check, we find the shortcut to the right colour and style world, so that you know directly which elements characterise your business look. Together we analyse which style elements are essential for your shirt to make you look fresh and put your physique in the right light.

My Offer for You

Men's Style Check Business
  • Colour Consultation for your best shirt colours
  • Your best shirt fabrics (plain, patterned)
  • Clear recommendations for the best collars
  • Which elements of style suit you
  • A handy style card with recommendations for shopping

The gateway to your business style

Underline a competent appearance with the right style elements close to the face!


With this advice you already have

  • the best colours for your shirt
  • a choice of patterns to suit your type
  • the best collar shapes for the desired occasions and your style
  • accent possibilities (colour contrasts, stitching)
  • Matching cuffs and accessories

in your style toolbox!

If you want to know more about how to shine in all situations and with the rest of your outfit, here’s the comprehensive style turbo!

Here we take a look at all the items of clothing in your outfits and find the perfect implementation.