Personal Shopping

From now on bad purchases belong to the past...

With a professional at your side, you can finally store the way you’ve always wanted to….

And without any bad buys, wardrobe crumbs, wasted money and late regrets.

Personal Shopping

  • find new favourite pieces
  • Shopping Coaching. Effortlessly learn how to find the best buys
  • Pimp exsisting pieces
  • tedious -free shopping
  • colour and style consultation is required for this service
  • 3hours personal shopping tailored to your needs
  • optional 7 hours shopping pleasure for 690€

Do you also have some clothes in your wardrobe that you rarely wear, even though they looked so great in the shop? Do you wear the same clothes over and over again despite having a well-stocked wardrobe?

At Personal Shopping, we’ll help you stop that from happening! Knowing your colour and style type, we scan the range on offer and see if the latest trends are a good investment for you. This way, only your favourite outfits that you really wear often end up in your shopping bag.

We discuss what makes a garment perfect for you and which alterations are worthwhile. Through this coaching, you will learn to shop effectively on your own in the future and thus become independent of the often well-meant but not always accurate advice of others.

What benefits a personal shopping bring for you...