Style Talks

Individual events, presentations & workshops with style

Style is the language that is understood all over the world, even without words. And that at first sight.

These workshops are just the right thing to approach this “style language” in a relaxed and understandable way. After this compact event, you can already use many insights for yourself.

Colour Sparks

A colourful girls’ event in a relaxed atmosphere.

With drinks and snacks, we’ll let the colour sparks fly.

During your compact Quick Colour Consultation you will get an exciting insight into the world of your best colours. Each of you will discover your own personal fresh and radiant colours.

At the end, each of you will receive your very unique compact colour passport as a shopping aid.

Using up to two ” uncertain” outfits that you have brought with you, we will fix typical outfit problems with the first styling tricks and discover better possibilities.

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My Offer for You

Colour Sparks
  • Introduction to the world of colours
  • Compact quick colour consultation for each participant
  • Feedback on each of two outfits you bring with you
  • Prosecco, Drinks & Fingerfood
  • BONUS: Your tailor-made compact colour pass worth 40€.
  • for max. 4-5 persons
  • Duration: appr. ca. 2 hours
  • bookable as home service (0,40€/km)
Bonus incl.

Use team training & workshops -style as a language

You are an entrepreneur and want your employees to regard a stylish appearance as more than just a vague idea?

I offer customised and practical workshops with content that can actually be implemented.

Because this is what matters when your team appears united and at the same time the individuality of each employee is supported.

Contact me for your individual offer – whether on corporate fashion, fresh colours or stylish, advantageous clothing.

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