Me! by Eva Böllinghaus

Cool styling tips for hot days

Have you sweated enough? - Then make it easy for yourself!

Summer is actually a dream, but...

The clothing sticks to the body like a second skin

You have an important appointment and realise on the way there that your clothes are sticking to your body.

You feel anything but fresh

Your new dress looks great, but after a while you notice a sweaty odour.

Your make-up wears off after just a few hours

The foundation ends up on your collar, the mascara on your upper eyelid and you don’t even dare to use lipstick.

Use my years of knowledge as a stylist and look stylish even in hot weather with my cool styling tips

Karibischer Strand mit klarem Wasser
Your solution

My "cool styling tips for hot weather"

Personal Stylist Eva Böllinghaus

Eva Böllinghaus

I will help you reveal your authentic beauty and show who you are with cool wow outfits.

Together we will find exactly YOUR STYLE with the right colours, cuts and fabrics, so that you don’t feel dressed up, but feel 100% like yourself. And of course, this also includes making shopping as easy as possible for you.

I support you so that

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