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You want absolute wow outfits that make you feel strong and self-confident?

But so far, every time you look at your wardrobe, you’re confronted with big question marks. Especially when something really important comes up, your wardrobe has nothing to offer despite all the clothes. Where you secretly wish for a dream wardrobe a la Sex & the City with “I feel unstoppable outfits”, at the moment you still have a packed wardrobe with “I’m going to play it safe again outfits”. 

I hear you! Believe me, I used to waste my time in front of the wardrobe before important appointments just to look average afterwards. And ended up in clothes that made me feel uncomfortable the whole time.
Today, I have my absolute wow outfits that make me feel glamorous and free. And all in five minutes.

And it works for you too!
I’ll help you to show all your exciting facets with absolute wow outfits and feel so confident and strong at any time that you go for your dream. The best moment is now!

My offer for finding your individual style

Finding your style

I don't know how to look good or what to wear. The wardrobe is packed to bursting.

Is there an individual, easy style concept?

Style Accompany

I want to consistently implement my style, have a dream wardrobe and finally be able to go shopping in a relaxed state of mind.

Can you help me?

Hallo, I am Eva.

Personality discoverer, colour & figure magician and a self-confessed fan of super quick wow outfits.

From the bottom of my heart I am fascinated by the uniqueness of every person and I am convinced that these easy wow-outfits also exist for you!
I will help you to rediscover your uniqueness in all its beautiful facets. We underline your personality with individual styling and make you glow with your best colours.
You are you. And you are unique! And you are allowed to show that.

That’s why I’ll develop a unique style concept for you that you can easily implement in all situations to look your best. Because I don’t believe in standard styling rules!

I will help you to have fun with fashion again and to take a relaxed approach to clothes and your body. 100% yourself – just happy and radiantly beautiful.
If that sounds good to you, book your no-obligation introductory meeting directly via the button.

If you want to know more about me, you can read more here.

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