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Wow outfits for new beginnings

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Personality & Style

Does that annoy you too...

  • You are standing in front of your wardrobe and only see question marks?
  • You have something important planned but your wardrobe doesn’t have anything useful to offer?
  • You secretly dream of a wardrobe à la “Sex & the City”?
  • Your wardrobe is crammed with boring “I’m going to play it safe again” outfits?



I hear you! 

Believe me, I used to waste my time in front of the wardrobe before important appointments just to look average afterwards. And ended up in clothes that made me feel uncomfortable the whole time.
Today, I have my absolute wow outfits that make me feel glamorous and free. And all in five minutes. 

And it works for you too!
I’ll help you to show all your exciting facets with absolute wow outfits and feel so confident and strong at any time that you go for your dream. The best moment is now!

Do you want this?

Just imagine how awesome it would be if...

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Personal Styling with Wow factor


Attract exactly what you want into your life with your unique personality


Security & strength for a magical new beginning that is sparked by your uniqueness

Hallo, I am Eva.

Personality discoverer, colour & figure magician and a self-confessed fan of super quick wow outfits, that take you to the top

Style Consultation

Use your unique personality to attract exactly what you want into your life and be seen for who you are

This is what your style could look like

What are you waiting for?


We will find a solution for this. We can arrange both parts of the consultation in one day. Alternatively, I would also be happy to create a customised offer for you where I come to you.

Of course we can discuss your wishes. My many years of experience have shown that style and colour always complement each other and only together do they result in absolute wow-outfits for you. Book a free initial chat with me and we’ll discuss how we can find a solution.

Of course, I will also be happy to support you after your consultation. Just get in touch with me.

After your style package with me, we will have all the knowledge we need for a successful personal shopping experience. I will then be happy to accompany you professionally in finding your new favourite pieces. Shopping without prior style advice is a waste of time and money.

Your wardrobe shows the problem of a missing style concept that fits you and your life perfectly. The style coaching “That’s Me!” includes a personal 1:1 wardrobe check & organisation on site. Book your free initial consultation with me and we’ll see how I can help you.