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Hello, I'm Eva...

Personality discoverer, colour & figure wizard and
confessed fan of 5-minute outfits.

From the bottom of my heart I am fascinated by the uniqueness of every human being. -Yes, of you too! 

In my world there are no rules about what is appropriate in styling and what man/woman should have in their wardrobe. I only say a little black dress, a white T-shirt or a silk tie are a musthave…

I help you to discover your personality in its most beautiful facets and to make you shine through your clothes and best colours.

If you just want the latest fashion trends, you are in the wrong place. Because style is so much more than fashion.

You are you. And you are unique! And you are entitled to show that.

Your style is a clear statement of what you stand for and not just playing around with trends. Your style is reflected in all important areas of your life – be it in your job, in love or in the entire design of your life.

I help you to get a relaxed approach to fashion and clothes and to feel comfortable with yourself and your body again.

Be 100% yourself – just happy and radiantly beautiful.

If this sounds good to you, book your preliminary talk directly via the button.

If you want to know more about me, you can carry on reading here.

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If you want to give someone a particularly lasting treat, a voucher at Me! is just the very thing.

You can buy a voucher for a whole consultation or for a single value and give someone a real gift of self-confidence.

Get-to-know-you talk

It is your life! - It's your style! 
When you become aware of your strengths and you discover your style personality, your life becomes more fulfilling. The direction that wants to be lived more clearly.

I'll help you with that...
- to overcome insecurities
- to finally be perceived as unique
- and to show WHO YOU are with your clothes
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Contact me now for a no-obligation get-to-know-you talk.