Colour Consultation

Do you want to look radiant with ease?

Do you know those days when you feel tired in the morning? When you look in the mirror and want to go back to bed?
And yet it’s only been six weeks since your last holiday and the next holiday is months ahead. Your diary is full to the brim again. That’s great!

Tired, you stand in front of your wardrobe. “What am I going to wear?” “What colour actually suits me?”

What would it feels like if you could get a boost of freshness every morning? And looking tired is just a memory of the past? Would that be something for you?

What you need are your freshness colours!

Now imagine your morning looks like this:

You open your wardrobe. The sight is marvellous. You pick your first outfit with confidence. Zack, zack – that’s exactly the right combination. Two more minutes of mini make-up, a quick glance in the mirror… Wow, I look fresh.

With the right colours and shades, you and your positive energy make you radiate. Even in the evening, you still look as fresh as if you’d just returned from Tuscany.
And shopping is as easy as pie with your detailed colour passport.
Your colour consultation will give you everything you need to make the most of these effects.

Your advantages with the colour consultation

How does a colour consultation work?

We dive into your world of colour. To do this, we use more than 130 different colour cloths to find out which tones and nuances make you shine.
My focus is on the following points, among others:

Brightness: light or dark
Intensity: soft or strong
Temperature: warm or cool
Grey value: powdery or fresh
Colour value: monochrome or colourful

A light day make-up in your best colours rounds off the PREMIUM colour consultation with me. You will also learn how to quickly bring freshness to your face every morning – without it becoming too complicated.

After your colour consultation, you will receive your own personal colour passport as a shopping aid in handbag format with real fabric samples.

For your best results, I work according to a modern colour method that no longer uses the outdated four-season system, but rather recognises 26 different colour types and their combinations.

Colour Consultation

  • More than 130 different colour books reveal not only colours, but also the finest nuances and brightness values of your colour type.
  • Your individual colour passport with real fabric samples shows all your best colours in detail on three foldable pages & accompanies you to shopping in handbag format.
  • We discuss the use of your colours for clothes, glasses, hair and accessories.
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • 290€

Colour Consultation

  • All as in Colour Consultation ESSENTIAL.
  • PLUS
  • Mini Make-up Check for your best colours
  • Mini-Make-Up
  • Duration: approx. 2- 3 hours
  • 340€

Colour Consultation

  • All as in Colour Consultation PREMIUM
  • PLUS
  • Make-up check for your best colours
  • Comprehensive make-up consultation & make-up coaching with professional tricks & hacks
  • Duration: approx. 3.5 hours
  • 390€