About me

Hallo, I'm Eva...

Personality explorer, colour and figure magician and self-confessed fan of 5-minute outfits.

From the bottom of my heart I am convinced of the uniqueness of every human being.
In my world, there are no rules about what I should style and what man/woman should have in their wardrobe. I just say little black dress, a white t-shirt or classic pumps.

I help self-employed free spirits& female entrepreneurs to discover their personality in the most beautiful facets& to shine through the conscious choice of clothes and the best colours.

Are you a professional, but rather an amateur when it comes to fashion?

Your wardrobe is full, you always wear the same thing, you play it safe?
And secretly you know how much depends on your appearance.

There is also another way. Unleash your style potential!

With my help in simple steps & very easy.
In the near future, you can look forward to 5-minute outfits and a well organised wardrobe full of possibilities.

If you just want the latest fashion trends, you’re in the wrong place. 

Because I will help you discover your personality in all its facets and feel comfortable with yourself and your body again. 

Be 100% yourself – just happy.

Because with your style coaching at Me! you get your personal style concept! Exactly what makes you shine in your private life and come across as competent at work. We make your style and your wardrobe easy!

And in such a way that it fits 100% to you and your life.

Look forward to your own 5-minute outfits in the future.

Because good styling can also be really quick. 

It’s mega-important to me to make it easy for you. 

Once you’ve learned the elements of your personal style concept with me, you too can put together your outfit in just five minutes.

Guaranteed stress-free.

Personal Stylist Eva Böllinghaus