5 tips for a cool autumn outfit

The days have gotten longer and we feel like getting cosy.

An autumn outfit can look wonderfully warm and cosy. Most autumn looks include warm browns like chocolate brown, chestnut, camel, rust or wine red and are a real challenge for cool colour types.

Read here how to create a stylish outfit with brown tones that really suits you.

My 5 Quick-Tips for a cool autumn outfit

Tip 1:Use reddish browns on the lower body only

Especially if you don’t yet know what colour type you are, you can play it safe by not wearing reddish brown tones like rust and chestnut brown with their warm radiance on your upper body – if you have a pair of brown trousers in your wardrobe, they can be the ideal partner for your autumn combos. A skirt in earth tones can also serve as a starting point.

Tip 2: Build your outfit in layers

Particularly in autumn, the weather and temperatures can often be changeable. With a two-piece look, you have the necessary flexibility to react quickly to a change in weather. A warm pullover between the blouse and jacket is a good idea here, and you can take it off if necessary.

Tip 3: Use other colours to lift energy

Colours convey moods and energy. To look energetic in your autumn look, bring in brighter and more intense colours near the face and in accessories. This can be a great blouse or special jewellery. Earrings and necklaces are particularly suitable here, even before bangles, as these are simply closer to your face.

Tip 4: Choose soft fabrics

Especially in autumn, we feel like wrapping ourselves up and feeling protected. Even if sturdier fabrics are generally good for you, you can add a certain feel-good factor to your outfit in autumn with soft fabrics like cashmere, soft fleece or silk-wool blends. The best choice here is not to go by the look, but by how a fabric feels to you.

Tip 5: Elevate your outfit with shoes in your style

Shoes are often underestimated when it comes to completing an outfit. Bring your style to the table and go for a sturdier sole in autumn to keep you grounded. Cool Doc Martens add a colourful accent to cheerful or rebellious style types, while classic buckle shoes emphasise the high-end luxury theme.

Autumn outfit inspirations without compromise

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