7 tips on how to find the right bikini

It’s summertime, and that means swim season. Choosing the right bikini or swimming costume can be a real challenge. If you’d still like to kick off the swim season or your holiday with a lot of fun, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make a good choice among all the variety of styles. My tips will help you find the perfect bikini for you.

My 7 tips for the right bikini

Tip 1: Be clear about your occasion and requirements

Do you like to swim fast and sporty or maybe even in competition? Then a simple one-piece is a good choice for you so that nothing slips and you can concentrate fully on the sport. If, on the other hand, you want to have a relaxed day on the beach, you can choose between the two. Just let your gut feeling decide.

Tip 2: Choose the right size

It is crucial to choose the right size to ensure comfort and support. A bikini that is too small will make you feel uncomfortable, restricted or cut into your skin in an unflattering way. A bikini that is too big often doesn’t give you the support you need to move freely or slips quickly. Fortunately, many manufacturers now offer you the option of buying the top and bottom of the bikini separately in different sizes, so you can choose the right size.

Tip 3: Work with your body, not against it- Use the cut

Before choosing a bikini, it’s important to understand your body type. Common body types are characterised by certain body shapes. Each of these body types has certain characteristics that make certain bikini or swimming costume styles fit better or worse.

So use cut shapes and details to flatter your figure with the right bikini style and cut.

The X figure type 

Do you have a voluptuous hourglass figure with round hips, full breasts and a pronounced waistline?

Then styles with underwiring, pre-shaped cups and wider straps will give you great support. High-waist trousers emphasise your great waistline, but basically you can do anything.

The Y-figure type

Your figure is characterised by a narrow lower body, but a strong, upwardly mobile upper body with broad shoulders? Assymetrical cuts and monokinis are ideal for balancing your figure. Bikini bottoms that sit on the hips balance your figure because they widen the hips a little. Choose playful bikini bottoms or patterned bottoms and keep the top simple.

The H-figure type

You have a rather straight physique with little waistline and curves. Do you want to emphasise your sportiness? Then use racy style elements like a racerback on your bikini top or swimming costume. Sporty side stripes on the swimming costume are also a great element. On the other hand, do you want more rounded shapes? Use bikini bottoms with side bands that visually emphasise the hip area and opt for tops that either have a push-up effect or flounces.


The I figure type

Your figure corresponds to an H-figure in a slim version. Here it is important to wear styles that have more happening patterns. Appliqués, flounces or ruffles also create more tension in your figure. A triangle top visually widens the bust. For you, more is definitely more.


The A-figure type

You have a slim torso and waist and your body rounds down from the hips to the thighs. Emphasise your upper body and shoulders with an exciting cut. A classic balcony cut draws the eye to your décolleté. Ribbons or flounces on the top are another way to build up your torso in relation to your thighs and make your hips look narrower.


The O-figure type

Your body is just rounded around the middle of your stomach and hips, your arms and legs are mostly slim. Go for simple cuts without a lot of embellishments or fabric appliqués. These would add extra bulk.

A racy deep V-neckline and high leg cut-outs stretch and slim. A pareo that curves loosely around the hips also flatters your figure.

Tip 4: Choose the right colour

Large patterns catch the eye and enlarge this area, while smaller patterns or plain fabrics tend to minimise the area. Your style type also is reflected in the pattern. So choose colours and patterns that highlight the areas you want to draw the most attention to.

Tip 5: Decide if you want patterns or solid colours

Große Muster ziehen den Blick auf sich und vergrößern diesen Bereich während kleinere Muster oder unifarbene Stoffe den Bereich eher minimieren. Zudem hat bei dem Muster auch Dein Stiltyp ein Wörtchen mitzureden. Wähle also Farben und Muster, die die Bereiche hervorheben, auf die Du die meiste Aufmerksamkeit lenken möchtest.

Tip 6: Consider your personal style and comfort

Ultimately, the best bikini is the one you feel most comfortable and confident in. Your personality should be expressed in your choice. Whether you prefer bright colours and bold patterns or neutral tones and minimalist designs, your bikini should reflect your uniqueness. You also have the option of underlining your personal style type with stylistic elements. Here are a few examples:

  • Diagonal lacing or ribbons are great for style types that have a combative element.
  • Delicate bows or shell hems are great for romantic style types 
  • Flounces and lacing for style types with a lot of opulence
  • Stripes for sporty style types
  • Simple swimming costumes for purist styles

Tip 7: Take your time when making this decision

Remember that there is no standard recipe for choosing the right bikini. It’s about finding out what suits your body, style and comfort best. If you have certain parts of your body that you simply prefer to cover up, listen to your gut instead of feeling uncomfortable later.

Try different styles and find your perfect bikini.