5 tipps for a mega festive outfit

Looking for the mega outfit for the festive season?

The festive season is just around the corner and, like every year, the question arises “What am I going to wear?” 

I always hear from my clients that they used to buy directly for the occasion and then came home with rather bad compromises. They had an outfit for that one occasion and it was written in the stars whether they would even wear that garment again. In my experience, 80 per cent of the time that doesn’t happen. Then a year later they realise, ” I only wore that piece once!” 

Why is that?

It’s pretty easy to explain: It’s rarely good to shop under pressure!

If you want to look your best for the holidays without spending your money on fashionable ephemera, just follow my 5 tips for festive outfits and take the stress out of it.

My 5 tips for a mega festive outfit

Tip 1: Embrace your body type

Just because it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve and you might have had a few more biscuits, your figure type hasn’t changed. Unfortunately, a large part of the fashion industry doesn’t cater to us ladies and sells illusions that don’t suit us.


My tip: Stay true to your choice of tried and tested cuts. For example, if you have a voluptuous figure type, emphasise your great waistline; if you are more sporty, an elegant trouser suit can be a good choice. 

Tipp 2: Wähle die Besten der festlichen Farben

Festive colours include red, purple, emerald, black, silver and gold. Red, which is loved by many, can be a real challenge because there are warm and cool shades of red. 

My tip: Use your skin undertone as a rough guide! If it is more yellowish, which is rare, choose the warmer colours of the red palette. If your skin tone is slightly rosy, go for the cooler reds.The darker your own colour type, the richer and darker the colour can be.

Tip 3: Be conscious of your materials choice

Silk, velvet, chiffon and sequins exude a special quality through their extraordinary surface and shine – often because their production used to be extremely labour-intensive.


My tip: Use these special fabrics sparingly, because they can quickly make your outfit look overloaded. It is better to use only one item of clothing made of this special material, such as a sequin top under your blazer or a luxurious silk blouse with trousers made of matt material.

Tip 4: Go for special accessories

Accessories are my absolute favourites, because you can really work some magic with them. 

And the great thing about them is that they don’t even have to be real to add a huge dose of glamour to a simple look. 


My tip: Spice up your outfit with a really great earring or necklace, because you wear both visibly close to your face. A good place to start is Bijoux Brigitte, Icrush, but also many small labels.

Tip 5: Raid your wardrobe first

There are often real treasures in your wardrobe that you can use as part of your festive outfit. Especially for people with a lot of clothes, it can happen that the fourth pair of black trousers is bought simply because the rest has been forgotten.


My tip: Check your wardrobe before you go shopping! Try on the pieces with festive potential and just take a selfie. Then you can easily recall the possible combinations while shopping. It’s a great way to get an overall impression of your outfit and a lasting one at that.

If you want to make sure you don’t go too far when shopping, download my Mindful Shopping Tips here.