Rearranging your wardrobe – how to master the change of seasons 

Rearranging your wardrobe - how to master the change of seasons

Are you one of those people for whom summer has no end? Or do you enjoy the cold season?

If you want to make your wardrobe change easy, read my tips here on how to be ready for the change of seasons with a playful feel. The good news is: you don’t have to choose, you can create a smooth transition in 5 easy steps!

Tip 1: Put your favourite pieces in the front row

Open your wardrobe and see which pieces you feel magnetically drawn to. Start with a piece of clothing that catches your eye.

Now create your first magical five with your chosen piece: 

Bottom, top, shoe, bag, accessory. 


Tip 2: Get into your style flow and enjoy this creative part

After the first finished combination, you can easily continue in this rhythm. 

Tip 3: Now enjoy for a moment

How cool is that? 

You’ve already created five of these outfits. That must be a great feeling for you, right? 🤩 

Time for a little reward. Take a little coffee break before you continue.

Tip 4: Hibernate for the snoring noses in your wardrobe

With that good feeling about what you’ve already accomplished, you can also hibernate a few of your non-favourite pieces. 

Choose these pieces intuitively and store them well protected against moths. I find vacuum bags for clothes really practical. They fit a lot. And they can be stored in a space-saving way in the wardrobe, under the bed or in the cellar. 

Tip 5: Keep an overview

Make a note of the clothes you put away during the winter hibernation. It’s normal to put something away today that you might miss in a month’s time. 

Most of us are not always attracted to the same clothes. 

That means one month that wonderful long summer skirt with polka dots is your favourite, the next month that great business blouse. It’s the same with the non-favourite pieces.  To avoid waisting time, it’s cool to know where each piece is. That way you can easily revive it and save yourself a long search.

P.S. This procedure is not meant for decluttering, but simply great for a time-saving and practical way of dealing with your clothes. It is not a substitute for a professional wardrobe check that follows your style consultation.