Suitcase packing made easy

Suitcase packing made easy

A well-packed suitcase ensures that arrival and departure go smoothly and that the holiday is really fun. 

But the reality is often rather different. Clothes are stuffed into the suitcase and more and more is added. Suitcases are weighed on the scales, something has to be taken out again, but what? All this is guided by the permitted suitcase size and maximum weight. 

But there is another way – with a clear concept. 

Read my tips here so that packing stylish outfits will be easy for you too!

Tip 1: Start with some peace and a notepad on the sofa

Many people make the mistake of starting to pack in front of their wardrobe. That’s pure stress!

Do it differently.

You can also download my template here.

Tip 2: Use a colour concept

Packing outfits without a plan is a guarantee for too much luggage and a waste of time at your holiday destination, because only then do you think about what to wear.

It works better with a colour concept of basic and fresh colours. How?

This is how it works: 

For me, for example, it looks like this:

My base colour: black

My fresh colours: pink, petrol, royal blue

(If you have already had a colour consultation, this point will be easy for you. The reduced colour concept is only for the holidays! Afterwards you can revel in all your colours again).

Tip 3: Lay out all outfits

Now get an overview! 

Tip 4: Make sure you take versatile shoes

This is where you really save weight on the scales. 🙂

Tip 5: Polish off your outfits with accessories

Accessories don’t take up much space and are a great way to add style.

My extra tips:

P.S.: If you want even more confidence in terms of “easy styling” including super 5-minute outfits, just take the opportunity to have a no-obligation get-to-know-you talk with me.

Because what others have achieved with my support, you can do too 😃.