5 Tipps for a slim belly

A woman without a belly is like a sky without stars

It’s great that you have a belly, because in many cultures a round female body is adored and represents THE ideal. We can learn something from that here in Europe.  You can learn to make friends with your body, your belly…. 

In my eyes, this Arabic saying stands for the fact that we women are allowed to enjoy our femininity, our sensuality – at any age and even when our bodies change.
Is your belly well trained right now and are you proud of your athletic middle?
Do you notice with a touch of frustration that your figure is changing and the proportions are different?

Are you experiencing the growth of a child inside you, and are your belly and hips growing with it? Are you worried about this change in your figure or can you just enjoy it?

All these changes have their time and are part of our lives. We can be thankful that our body goes through it all and adapts to our circumstances.

As an O-figure type, you may have a rounder midsection, but even here, most people admire you for your slender arms and legs. So enjoy that.

If you are an O-figure type or apple type and want to make your body look even slimmer, you can use the following tips to disguise your belly a little.

My top 5 tips to look slimmer with an O-figure or as an apple type

Tip 1: Use advantageous cuts

V-necks stretch your silhouette, waterfall necklines add a beautiful feminine emphasis to the upper body. 

Cuts with empire seams are made for you: empire dresses emphasise your narrowest part with their seam between the belly and the bust and fall loosely downwards from there. 

This way, your belly is loosely and flatteringly covered.

Tip 2: Direct focus to your beautiful décolleté and towards your face

Bold colours, a beautiful neckline or a fancy necklace matching your style are great to draw the eye of your counterpart towards your décolleté. 

A great pair of earrings or special make-up will also draw the eye to your face.

Tip 3: Play with colours

Bright but also intense colours attract the eye and make an area appear larger and stronger. 


Therefore, use darker and subtle colours in the belly area to conceal your belly and strong colours in other areas that you want to emphasise.

Tip 4: Show your legs

O-figures often have beautifully slim legs. 

Figure-hugging skirts and trousers are perfect to bring them to the limelight. Eye-catching tights or leggings are also an interesting option to accentuate your legs.

Tip 5: Let the patterns work for you

If you are a fan of patterns, use them to your advantage. 

Subtle patterns or plain fabrics make the tummy area look smaller. Eye-catching patterns, on the other hand, are just right where you want the look, be it the bust, your legs or arms. A statement piece such as an amazing giraffe clutch is also a great way to draw the eye elsewhere.

Of course you can use these general styling tips for yourself. However, if you would like to learn all the tricks of the colour and figure magic in a way that suits you, book your non-binding call with me now.