Warming soft wool

Warming soft wool

Do you have a favorite jumper to snuggle into on stormy cold days? Then you already use the warming qualities of the wool. But wool can do a lot more.

From a sporty outfit to rustic wool tweed to an elegant alpaca wool costume – this wonderful natural material is a particularly good choice for many style types and occasions. Not to mention its unique wearing comfort. Wool is not only warming but also has a good temperature-regulating and cooling effect. Whether as a fine-wowen fabric or knitted, whether in a business look or in haute couture wool is one of the more valuable materials in the fashion industry..

A faithful companion for a century

Already in the 4th century the wool of wild sheep in the Near East served for the production of clothing. It is obtained from the soft hair of the fur of sheep, goats, angora rabbits and camel-like animals. After the shearing the wool is washed, combed, bleached and optionally dyed. This is followed by spinning into worsted yarn or carded yarn. For the production of worsted wool the raw wool is combed to remove too short fibers and impurities from the wool. Carded yarn is prepared by socalled scratching and brushing for spinning. Both types of yarn undergo various finishes after spinning. The most important thing is the impregnation against moth damage.

Sheep’s wool, Lambswool and Angora – Different types of wool have their own character

As different as the character of the animals from which the wool is obtained are as different are the characteristics of the different wool types. Sheep’s wool, the name says it already comes from domestic sheep. Did you know that there are different types of sheep’s wool?

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Matching favorite pieces of wool for every style

Have you ever heard that both the type of wool used and the knitting patterns are important to underline your style personality? Rib-knit wear looks good particularly on sporty and maritime style types. It looks chic, is stylish and very comfortable. Fine-combed wool gives classic and business types a special touch. Romantic, sensual and elegant types prefer soft flowing, fine cashmere knit of high quality. In contrast natural and wild style types feel particularly well in uneven and uneven wool.

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You can not decide yet? I am happy to advise you on on which wools fabrics are the best for your personality. Just contact me by phone or email for a style consultation.