Six reasons why you haven’t been to a personal styling session yet

Six reasons why you haven’t been to a personal styling session yet

You’ve heard of colour and style consultation or personal styling and find the topic really interesting. But you have your doubts about whether it’s worth it for you, don’t you? I have summarised a few thoughts for you that I have heard from my clients before the consultation.

Thought no. 1: "The whole thing will be really expensive. First the consultation and then all the money for new clothes."

I can reassure you. We only shop wildly here if you absolutely want to. In all the years I’ve been giving style advice, there’s never been a time when I’ve had to shop without limits.

I have always found clothes in every wardrobe that suit the person or that we can transform with little effort, be it by dyeing them a different colour, changing lengths or making minor alterations at the tailor.

The cool thing is that you save a lot of money over time because you shop more appropriately, you avoid bad buys and you put together great outfits with the right clothes.

Thought No. 2: “After the style consultation, I am no longer allowed to wear certain items of clothing or wear my favorite colours.”

Don’t worry – I will give you professional advice on which colours, fabrics, cuts and accessories best suit you and your style so that you feel 100% like yourself at every occasion.

Of course, you decide for yourself how and when you want to use your new knowledge about your perfect style recipe.

So you can e.g. skip your best-of colours if you feel like disappearing from view for a few days and not being the center of attention.

Thought No. 3: “I don’t need that, because I’m always up-to-date if it comes to fashion and I read fashion magazines like Instyle and Vogue, which show the latest trends.“

I’m sure you do 🙂 I also enjoy fashion magazines, aesthetic photo shoots and the latest trends. However, a well-founded style consultation is first and foremost about your personality and only secondarily about fashion.

I have learned to perceive you as a person, completely detached from fashion trends, with your physical characteristics and your personality and to emphasise these.

With the knowledge gained from your style consultation, we can also easily decide whether a trend suits you exactly or whether it’s better to skip it. It’s really easy!

Thought No. 4: “That doesn’t work for my figure anyway! I have to lose weight first and want to feel better before I invest in myself and my style. ”

Favorable cuts and the right colour in the right place are great for embellishing your silhouette at any weight and at any time.

Even if you have only reached an intermediate stage weight-wise, you will benefit enormously from the knowledge of your personal styling. You will feel more confident because you know what suits you and therefore appear more natural and easier.

Thought No. 5: “At some point, gladly, but at the moment other things are simply more important. I am frantically busy. “

Of course, there are always stressful times in your life when you are worried about other things. But let’s be honest! What is more important than being at peace with yourself?

Your personal styling is a valuable voyage of discovery to yourself and ensures that you go through life more empowered. Your clothes, your second skin, can give you protection and make you more self-confident. With the right clothes, your personality is reflected to the outside.

Thought No. 6: “That’s something for women.”

If you are also curious about which colours make you glow or which style suits you, take advantage of my free preliminary style talk.