The H-type figure – the best styling tips for sporty silhouettes

The H-type figure – the best styling tips for sporty silhouettes

Your female physique is characterized by the same width of shoulders and hips without a significant waist incision? With this shape you could belong to the powerful H-figure type . Here you will find tips on how to enhance your athletic figure without losing your femininity.

The H-figure type as the embodiment of an amazon

Strong yet feminine: with its powerful, energetic appearance, the H-figure type embodies a female fighter.

Whether in big city life or in natural surroundings, your stamina is reflected in your firm and athletic body. Even when gaining weight, your body remains rather firm and the weight spreads enviably evenly.

Often you have well-formed athletic-slim legs.

Learn now how to highlight your amazon figure with simple styling tips.

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The best six styling tips for the H-figure type

1. Casual cuts on the upper body represent your freedom-loving nature

In the upper part of the body casual cuts suit you best. Your necklines may fall loose. Casually  draped fabrics – also with asymmetrical lines – underline your style, a deep V-neck stretches your upper body, if desired. A tank top with wide straps emphasizes your energy.

2. Choose your fabrics wisely

For you it is particularly important to emphasize your powerful style with slightly firmer fabrics such as woven cotton, denim or wool instead of trying to appear fragile by wearing chiffon. On the lower part of your body denser denim or leather can support dynamic side.

3. Show your well-formed legs

You can highlight your sporty slim legs with tight fitting jeans. It is advantageous if you balance your upper body by wearing heavier boots or choosing trousers with bootcut.

4. A cool belt emphasizes your tight hip area

You can draw attention to your tight, usually firm body by wearing a hip belt. For example, you can wear it with jeans or over a casual linen dress. If you have gained some weight you can cover  your hip area loosely with your clothes.

5. Avoid too cute or romantic details

Pink bows, glitter, a Chanel jacket and skimpy skirts are not for you. These elements usually clash with your casual style.

6.Choose strong boots

Heavier boots, gents’shoes, sneaker, Doc Martins or cowboy boots ground you!Pumps or sandals with a small platform can work miracles and enhance your appearance.Avoid ballerinas with bows or stilettos.

Individual style consultation tailored to your unique personality

Although certain features characterize the H-figure type it can be found in many different style personalities. Besides your body shape your nature and your personality are essential in order to create an authentic and natural look that matches your personality.

As an H-figure type would you like to learn more about your unique style personality and find out which cuts, materials and accessories match your individual style? Book an appointment now for a personal style consultation with Me! via e-mail or phone and get valuable styling tips. I am looking forward to hearing from you!