The X-type figure – the 7 best styling tips for a sexy hourglass figure

The X-type figure – the 7 best styling tips for a sexy hourglass figure

Your female silhouette is characterized by equally broad shoulders and hips and a small waist? Congratulations, with these advantages you are the proud owner of a sexy hourglass figure. Learn in my detailed style guide how to accentuate your sensual curves in the best way and to stage your X-body shape perfectly.

The X-figure type as the incarnation of femininity

Feminine, sensual and desirable: with its curvaceous appearance the X-shape is considered the epitome of femininity. Recognizable by a slim waist whilst having shoulders and hips of approximately the same width which gives you a perfect hourglass silhouette, you may be the lucky owner of the X-type shape. According to a survey the curvy hourglass figure is popular not only among men but also women. More and more women have come to appreciate their natural wasp waist and their femininity, including mostly medium sized to bigger breasts, round buttocks and full hips. Even when putting on weight the X-type shape stays well-balanced with the waist always slimmer than the rest of the body. Learn how to enhance your hourglass figure with five simple styling tips and how to highlight your individual style personality.

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The seven best Styling tips for the X-body shape

Unlike many other figure types your top styling rule is: Accentuate your waist! So all those outfits which perfectly trace your wasp waist and female curves are suited for your body.

1. Emphasize your feminine silhouette with wrap dresses

As a highlight in feminine fashion you should not miss out on wrap dresses in your closet. Renowned designers such as Diane von Furstenberg specialize in high-quality wrap dresses for the X-type figure which bring out your slim midsection and accentuate your feminine silhouette in

2. Waist darts and gathers draw attention to your slim waist

Dresses and tops with sophisticated waist darts or gathers are perfect for highlighting your slim waist. Make sure that your waisted garments sit tight but are not too tight. Waisted blouses and narrow pencil skirts like those from the forties or swinging petticoat skirts and tight-fitting sheath dresses from the fifties are still ideal for shaping your feminine figure

3. Belts accentuate your stunning wasp waist

Your breathtaking wasp waist can be excellently accentuated with tailored waist belts. Whether as a complement to the A-line dress, pencil skirt or shift dress – a narrow to medium-wide belt highlights your middle and is a fashionable eye-catcher for your figure.

4. Wrap-around blouses trace your feminine curves

Similar to the wrap dresses wrap-around blouses gently trace your feminine curves and draw attention to your slender waist. Combined with slim-cut high-waist trousers wrap-around blouses underline your elegant style in an ideal way. Combine for example your advantageous wraparound
blouse with a fitted jacket for a sophisticated look. Even a fine blazer with peplum and a long lapel makes you look thinner and stretches your silhouette.

5. Use the right materials to shape your perfect figure

A pencil skirt made of a firmer fabric shapes your body up to your waistline while a soft flowing silk blouse flatters your upper body. As an unforgettable style icon Marilyn Monroe knew how to charm her sexy hourglass silhouette with figure-hugging dresses. Even dresses made of highquality and soft-falling fabrics such as silk, fine-combed new wool or the finest, smooth-knitted cashmere are ideal for you as they gently envelop your female forms without being too tight.

6. Depending on the style skirts and dresses are made just for you

For the classical feminine types cuts in the style of the 40s and 50s are often great. If you have a more passionate style theme you can borrow your cuts from the tango or flamenco scene. If, however joie de vivre and movement play a role in your style personality a deep cleavage and
petticoats from the rockabilly era could be the right thing for you.

7. My extra tip for full-blooded women:

Here is “less is more“ to look slimmer. So prefer straightforward and tailored cuts to a voluminous oversize looks that will just hang on you. Blouses and dresses with a deep V-neck are also advantageous and make you look slimmer. I recommend a pencil skirt with a long slit combined
with high heels to stretch your silhouette.

Individual style consultation tailored to your unique personality

Although certain features characterize the X-figure type it can be found in many different style personalities. Besides your body shape your nature and your personality are essential in order to create an authentic and natural look that matches your personality.

As an X-figure type would you like to learn more about your unique style personality and find out which cuts, materials and accessories match your individual style? Book an appointment now for a personal style consultation with Me! via e-mail or phone and get valuable styling tips. I am looking forward to hearing from you!