What makes a good outfit?

What makes a good outfit?

In a few words, a good outfit is characterised by the following points:

A good outfit underlines your personality, beautifies your figure and increases your charisma in a natural way.
Find out what this has to do with delicious cake in the following text.

What delicious cake has to do with styling

A good outfit is like the perfect cake recipe. All ingredients must be of good quality and in harmony with each other to make a delicious cake. So you have:

  • the basic dough ingredients like butter, flour, sugar and eggs
  • unusual ingredients such as bourbon vanilla, which add a special touch of flavour
  • the recipe with baking instructions, what you need to bring together, stir or bake and when, and
  • the crowning glaze or garnish that adds the final visual touch.

It’s the same with styling and a really great outfit. First impressions count – and always.
We humans cannot free ourselves from this, because our unconscious decision-making processes cannot be controlled.

A study by psychologist Amy Cuddy showed that test persons check their impression of the other person within a very short time on the following two points:

Can I trust the person?
Can I respect them?

A good outfit is appropriate for the occasion and makes you look trustworthy and respectable. It is the ideal aid for your professional appearance, underlines your competence as well as your values.
By the way, your clothes don’t have to be expensive for your look to be of high quality.

Here you will find my secrets to a successful creation of a good outfit

Outfit-Tip 1
Use your best-of colours to your advantage

Again and again I notice how positively surprised my clients are about how much we can conjure up with colour.

Use your bright, fresh colours where you want the eye to go. For example, you can use two-tone tops with a lighter colour at the bust to visually increase your bust size or a darker colour on the stomach if you want to conceal a few pounds.

In business, I recommend using your fresh colours on your upper body to get more radiance and look more awake.

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Outfit-Tip 2
Choose the cuts of your clothes wisely

A favourable cut shows your figure in the best light and underlines your style theme.

You can also try this effect on your own figure: Put on a longer skirt and then fold the hem inwards. This suggests different skirt lengths.

And have you found your favourite?
The right lengths and cuts work for your figure.

Oufit-Tip 3
Use your favourite fabrics as a feel-good factor

If you haven’t yet had a professional style consultation with fabric analysis, it’s best to use fabrics for your outfits that you feel naturally attracted to and that you like to touch. 

A fabric that scratches your skin or whose fluff you have in your nose all the time is a no-go, so that you feel comfortable in your skin. It doesn’t matter how great the item looks.

Outfit-Tip 4
Accessories enhance your personal touch

Accessories are the magic tool to express your personality even better. 

You can see this in handbags and jewellery. 

An extravagant earring or a colourful handbag will immediately give your look a completely different touch than a classic pearl stud or a black Kelly bag.

If you also want to be confident and light with your clothes, take advantage of my free initial consultation.