Male body types – show your personal advantages!

Male body types – show your personal advantages!

Even though we often think of women first when we hear the term body types, every man brings along a genetically determined physique. Nobody is perfect by nature – so why not take a few simple tips and look more energetic at any age?

Here you will learn more about the different male figure types and a few first styling tips with which you conceal disturbing areas and underline your optical advantages in a manly way:

The male body types

V-Body Type

The V-figure type embodies the male ideal for most people and leaves an overall sporty impression! His shoulders are wide, his waist is slender, his hips narrower in relation to the shoulders and his bottom often firm. Here it is best to avoid shoulder pads or shoulder straps which would have a bolstering effect.My personal tip: Show your shoulders without making them bigger and balance your proportions by emphasizing your hips with a great belt.

H-Body Type

The H-type figure looks powerful and steadfast at the same time. His charisma is characterized by calm and strength. His stature can appear athletic to compact. , He shows a straight course between shoulders and hips and has little waist incision. Depending on his height, it is important to stretch the figure and at the same time contain the impression of strength. That’s why a mix of materials tailored to your personality is of great advantage here. My personal tip: wear a slightly open shirt to stretch your upper body and combine it with a classic suit pants.

I-Body Type

Similar to type H, the I-figure type is characterized by a very straight silhouette, but  the I-figure type being more filigree. Narrow shoulders and hips are typical of this body type. He is often booked on the catwalks of international designers as his appearance is spectacular in extravagant outfits. Play with different materials and colours to create volume and breaks. Avoid clothes that visually lengthen your body.My personal tip: Try shirts with epaulets or wide trousers with classic sneakers.

A- Body Type

The A-figure type is characterized by flowing/fading lines. His shoulders are a bit sloping, the less pronounced waist leads into wider hips, his thighs can be stronger, but also slender nature.With this physique it is often a good strategy to emphasize the upper body around the shoulders or to use a  stylish scarf to draw the attention to your face whilst flattering your hip area is with loose clothing. My personal tip: straight and slightly wider trousers stretch the lower body, a jacket with shoulder pads builds up your upper body.

O-Body Type

The O-figure type has a round upper body with round belly and no little waist incision. Often, the arms and thighs are stronger, so it is important to draw the attention from the center of your body to the neckline and face. Stretching outfits are of profit such as single-breasted blazer or longer lapels. My personal tip: wear your clothes loose and choose fancy accessories such as coloured pocket squares, socks and offbeat shoes to direct the gaze from the middle of the body.


You want to know more about your individual body type and find out which materials, accessories and cuts make you look masculine? Arrange your personal style consultation with Me! and get valuable tips on how to support your charisma. I look forward to hearing from you!