The power of colours: How they influence your life and make you radiate

The effect of colours & their psychology

Colours are more than just visual stimuli. They have a psychological effect and can vary depending on the cultural context and personal experiences. They also undoubtedly play an important role in our emotional and mental well-being. By becoming aware of their effect, you can use colours in a targeted way to influence your mood and positively shape your environment.

Red: Red is the colour of passion and energy. It stands for love, courage and excitement. Psychologically speaking, red can quicken our pulse and sharpen our senses. It can evoke both euphoria and anger, depending on the context and intensity.

Green: Green is the colour of nature and growth. It symbolises calm, harmony and freshness. Psychologically, green has a calming effect and can reduce stress. It is often associated with healing and balance.

Blue: Blue symbolises calm, confidence and intelligence. It is the colour of the sky and the ocean, and psychologically blue has a calming effect on the mind. It can promote feelings of peace and serenity and is often used to convey confidence and professionalism.

Yellow: Yellow is the colour of the sun and represents optimism, joy and creativity. Psychologically, yellow can lift the mood and have an energising effect. It can also attract attention and stimulate thinking.

Violet: Violet is the colour of spirituality and mystery. It symbolises wisdom, imagination and creativity. Psychologically, violet can have a calming effect and encourage meditation. It is often associated with inspiration and imagination.

Orange: Orange is a warm and energetic colour that stands for enthusiasm, encounters and adventure. Psychologically, orange can convey optimism and vitality. It can also promote communication and trigger positive emotions.

Brown: Brown is the colour of earth and stability. It stands for groundedness, security and warmth. From a psychological point of view, brown can convey a feeling of familiarity and security. It is often associated with naturalness and stability.

Black: Black is the colour of power and elegance. It stands for authority, seriousness and mystery. Psychologically, black can convey authority and strength, but can also symbolise sadness or isolation, depending on the context.

White: White symbolises purity, clarity and innocence. It is the sum of all colours and often symbolises a new beginning or a fresh perspective. Psychologically, white can convey peace and tranquillity and clear the mind.

However, in addition to the psychological effect, you can use another important function of colours for yourself. The right radiance of your best-of colours.

But what is so special about these best-of colours?

Pretty much everything, because these colours have a magical power that corresponds with your personality and your own characteristics.

The following parameters give important signals about which colours make you glow.

  • Your skin tone, which is determined by three parameters and makes your skin shimmer differently.
  • Your natural hair colour and texture.
  • Your eyebrows.
    Your eye colour and the pattern of your iris.

And it is precisely these colours that we explore together in your individual colour consultation. I deliberately work with a system full of possibilities and not according to a rigid principle such as the 4-season system or 12-season system.

I have opted for a colour system that goes beyond this and with which we can determine your colour type much more individually. We want the very best shades for you and not colours that somehow already fit.
In detail, I explore with you

  • Your individual colour temperature (warm or cool)
  • Intensity (strong or soft)
  • Light value (dark or light)
    grey value and
  • Accent variations, which are different for each person.

Here you can see Tatjana, by the way, who is particularly radiant in medium berry tones and can mix these colours wonderfully with each other and thus play with her outfit.

These can even mix in contrasting areas, resulting in exciting colour compositions such as bright, colourful winters, blue-toned mid winters, contrast winters, ice winters or bright, delicate springs. Your personal best-of colours are therefore as unique as a fingerprint and come into their own in your colour passport, which provides you with good support for colour-safe, cool combinations as a shopping aid and in front of your wardrobe. It goes without saying that you will feel more beautiful and look more confident all by yourself.

If you are also curious about what makes you shine, then book your free, no-obligation NOW-ME talk with me.